January 15 • Making the Wise Choice with Our Words

Our words can hurt or our words can heal. It takes wisdom to be able to stop and choose to say words that will encourage ...

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January 15 • Healing the Lepers

Big Idea:
Jesus can help me!

When Jesus was traveling, he came to ten men that were very sick. They called out to him and ...

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January Family Night

This month families are learning about the Big Idea of Wisdom…

We all make choices every day. Some are WOW, some are POW, and ...

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January’s Memory Verse

Memory Verse Proverbs 2:6 For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.
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January’s Big Idea → Wisdom

Happy New Year Parents!
One thing we could all use a little more of is wisdom. This month we’re learning what God says about ...

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January 8 • King Solomon Prays for Wisdom

King Solomon was just a kid when he became King. He knew that without God’s help, he wouldn’t be able to do the ...

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