September • KidStuf Take-Out

KidStuf is back, and families are learning how to own our responsibilities like a BOSS!

Kids know that in video games, you don’t get ...

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UpStreet: Talk to Your Kids About Baptism!

This video explains baptism in way that is clear for kids. Find some time this week to watch it with your child.  It will be a great discussion starter! Not all kids are ready to get baptized yet. There is no rush! Answering questions and talking about it will help your child better understand baptism when they are ready. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!
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UpStreet: Talk to your Kids About Faith!

On Sunday, we talked about what it means to trust in Jesus. Your kids asked their small group leaders quite a few questions, and we ...

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UpStreet: Talk About the World!

John 3:16 tells us that God LOVES the whole world. Encourage your kids to get online and explore some other countries. Talk about the differences between ...

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UpStreet: Talk About It

This week we learned how God used David, a young boy, to do something GREAT! He took out the giant!

What if we believed that ...

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UpStreet: Talk About Your Heart

This week we learned about how God chose David to be king. He didn’t pick him because of all of his outward qualities. As ...

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