Learning to Be Rich


We are so excited about how our kids are helping kids in need in our community! Here’s a story from a mom who ...

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The Secret Weapon of Peace

There was a season in our family’s life when none of my kids were allowed to sit in the front passenger seat. They were ...

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3 Ways You Can Help Your Child Grow Stronger

Happy New Year! This month is Basic Training and we want to partner with you to help your kids grow stronger! Our kids are ...

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4 Ways To Make A Christmas Memory With Your Kids

Take a Moment and Make a Memory

Christmas is here! It’s that time of year when we are shopping for the perfect gift, crafting ...

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November • Parent Secrets

Recently, my 7-year-old son declared that he was bored. Of all the kids in the world, he had no reason to be bored. God has ...

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October • Parent Secrets

Hi Parents!

This month, we are talking about “Patience”—waiting without complaining. This is a great Big Idea for all of us, especially living in ...

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