Play the Level Up Game!

This month, KidStuf families are taking home the Big Idea of Responsibility by playing the Level Up Game!


How to Play:

Choose a chore or job your kids can "OWN" for seven days and when they do, let them "LEVEL UP" to something bigger. Show your kids that when they prove they can be trusted, you will let them "LEVEL UP" in Responsibility!

Examples (Own It / Level Up):

  • Put away your clothes / Get to choose your own outfit.
  • Feed and care for our hamster / Get to have a dog.
  • Unload the dishwasher / Choose what we eat Friday night.
  • Get ready for school on your own / Sleep in 10 extra minutes.
  • Choose a healthy breakfast / Get to pack your own lunch.

Get your very own Level Up game when you attend KidStuf!

If you miss the show, our UpStreet Guest Services volunteers will have a game for you while supplies last.

For a little more inspiration to play the Level Up game with your family, check out what our Dad Squad has to say!