Four Simple Ways


You are your child’s greatest teacher and most important influence. They will learn more from you than from anyone else! We know that can be a scary feeling. But from where we sit, you are some of the greatest parents we know.


Here are FOUR simple ways to talk to your preschooler about God:

1. Play time


Play is a child’s job. They get up every day and go to work learning and growing. Pick a time during the day to stop and simply play with your child. Use that time to pass on important things about life and build strong bonds.

A few ideas:

  • Go for a family walk after dinner and point out the things they see that God made.

  • Read books that teach your child how to be a good friend and help others.

  • Cook, bake, or wash dishes together (yes, this is fun to preschoolers), and thank them for helping you.

Laughter, games, wrestling, crafts, and dress-up all go together and pave the way for you to teach your child how to love others the way God loves them.

2. Meal Time


Whenever you sit down for a meal together, start the habit of going around the table and saying one thing you are thankful for. It can be quick and simple or open the door for more discussion. Pray for your meal and thank God for the things everyone shared. 

P.S. You don’t have to pray at the beginning of the meal. We know that little ones are hungry and it’s hard to wait.

3. Drive time


Download our Waumba Land Playlist on Spotify, or search “North Point Kids” on iTunes, and play it everywhere you go. Music is a powerful way to write a positive message on the heart of your child.

Bonus Idea: Every month we send home a Car Tag that highlights your child’s Verse of the Month. Leverage Drive Time to practice this verse. Imagine how good it would be for your child to learn 12 new Bible verses this year!

4. Bed Time


Every night before your child goes to sleep, take a few minutes to ask them about their day. Pay special attention to things that might be bothering them or things they might be worried about. Listen for their feelings and offer them comfort and encouragement. Pray with them and ask God to help them.

No Pressure!

These four simple ideas can be easily incorporated into your everyday life. But there’s no pressure to do them all. Even if you do one or two every week, you will be miles ahead of so many and well on your way to greatness. You’ve got this!