August 27 • Joseph and His Brothers

By Jana Elliott / Posted on 27 August 2017

Joseph became an important leader in Egypt. There was not enough food in the land, so one day his brothers traveled to Egypt to see if they could get some food for their family. Joseph was able to help them, which was all part of God’s big plan.

Big Idea:

God has a plan for me.

This Week’s Bible Passage: Genesis 42–45

Talk About It

Talk with your kids about a few ways others have helped take care of them recently. When they’re hungry, thirsty, or tired, remind them of the people who have helped. Just like our story today, God always has a plan to give us what we need and to take care of us.

Verse of the month:

Have fun saying the verse of the month with your little one. Say it loud, soft, really slow, and super fast. #Waumba to share the fun.

“God’s way is perfect.” Psalm 18:30 (NIRV)


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