August 6 • Joseph’s Colorful Robe

By Jana Elliott / Posted on 06 August 2017

Joseph’s dad really loved him and gave him a special, colorful robe. Joseph knew that God wanted him to do something great. God had an important plan for Joseph’s life.

Big Idea:

God has a plan for me.

This Week’s Bible Passage: Genesis 37:1–10

Talk About It

Talk to your kids about how unique they are and that God has a plan for them to do great things. Have fun talking about some of the ways God might use their uniqueness to help others. Remind them that they are special to God.

Verse of the month:

Have fun saying the verse of the month with your little one. Say it loud, soft, really slow, and super fast. #Waumba to share the fun.

“God’s way is perfect.” Psalm 18:30 (NIRV)

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