September’s Big Idea

Big Idea:
I will obey right away.

Hey Parents!
This month in Waumba Land, we’re learning to obey right away! We can’t wait ...

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September 3 • Adam & Eve

God created a beautiful garden for Adam and Eve to live in. God gave them one rule to follow—to not eat the fruit from ...

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August 27 • Joseph and His Brothers

Joseph became an important leader in Egypt. There was not enough food in the land, so one day his brothers traveled to Egypt to see ...

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August 27 • Endurance

When things are tough, remember that God is stronger than anything in this world. When you have a relationship with God, you're on God's team. ...

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August 20 • Joseph in Jail

Joseph was thrown in jail for something he didn’t do. But even in jail, God was with him, and Joseph knew that God had ...

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August 20 • Endurance

When we know the truth that's in the Bible, we can defeat any lie we hear. We can use the Bible to stand strong when ...

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