Partner with us!

What happens at home is important. That’s why we want to be your partners and provide you with resources that will help you teach your kids what matters most.

Here are a few tools we provide:

Parent Card: Every month we send home a printed card that highlights what we are teaching. Use this as a guide to talk to your kids about what they are learning and help them apply it at home.

ParentStuf.OrgThis website is updated monthly with THE TOP THREE things you need to know for that month. It’s full of the most current resources and important need-to-knows.

Monthly Email: We send you an email and a text with THE TOP THREE things you need to know or do. Check out the link we send each month for the latest updates.

First Step: First Step is a two-part class that will be offered a few times a year. During this class, we discuss the importance of the early years and how preschoolers learn best. We’ll also talk about how important your role is to your child's spiritual development.

Follow Us: Instagram and Facebook are great ways to communicate with us, learn more about what we taught on Sunday, and find out about upcoming events.