March Family Night

By Shannon Stonecheck / Posted on 05 March 2017

This month, KidStuf families are learning to let it go with…

Didn’t make it to KidStuf? #LetItGo!
And get ready to learn about the Big Idea of Forgiveness with your very own, DIY, Family Take-Out!

  • A Medium-Sized Jar
    • Just make sure it’s on the sturdy side so it can handle a few rocks getting *gently* tossed inside!


    1. Have a rock hunt at home to fill up your “Forgiveness Rocks!” jar
    2. Put it on your kitchen table or somewhere your whole family will be able to see it all month long!
    3. Anytime this month when someone makes you mad or hurts your feelings…
      1. Take out a rock
      2. Write that person’s initials on it
      3. Leave it on the table until you are ready to forgive!
    4. When you ARE ready, take the rock outside– away from cars, windows, small animals, etc.– and read your “Forgiveness Rocks!” card out loud!

. . .

Forgiveness is not easy, but holding onto things can really weigh you down. Practice the art of letting it go this month!

Share your #ForgivenessRocks moment with us and tell us how your family is learning to #LetItGo!

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