The KidStuf Musical Key Chain!

It’s time to help our kids learn more about SELF-CONTROL, and we have two FUN ideas that we think your family will love.


1. Attend KidStuf!

This month we have a show that will teach your kids to push the pause button when they are about to lose control and instead take a step back and choose how to act! Let’s teach our kids how to “slow their roll” and take the time to make the wise choice.

Check out show times near you!

2. Grab the KidStuf Key Chain and bring your most hilarious dance moves.

Anytime your kids are about to lose their cool, play this song and bust a move. Diffuse the moment so your kids will 🤣 instead of 😡. Now you’ve created space for them to pause, take a step back, and choose how to act.

We will be giving out the Key Chains in the KidStuf show, or you can pick one up at the main entrance of UpStreet (while supplies last).


Self-Control is a big deal for your kids. This month let’s help them learn how to take a step back and choose how to act!