September Family Night

By Shannon Stonecheck / Posted on 09 September 2017


This month, KidStuf families are taking home the Big Idea of Responsibility by playing…

Get ready to “Level Up” in Responsibility with us all month long with your own DIY version of the Take-Out! Here’s everything you’ll need to get started…

  • The Level Up Game Decal
      • Print out a game decal for each child and tape them to a mirror or window.

    Download the Level Up Game Decal →

  • Dry Erase Marker
    • If you don’t have a dry erase marker, have each child write their “Own It” and “Level Up” goals on a piece of paper and hang it near their game decal.
  • Game Player Piece
    • Pick out a game piece for each player.
    • Here are some ideas for your player pieces: Squigz, Suction Cups, or use your dry erase marker to mark off each level as you go!
  • View the 18×24″ version of the Level Up Game here.


Prove to your parents that you can be trusted to “Level Up” in Responsibility this month!

  • Put a game decal on your bathroom mirror. (One for each kid!)
  • Talk as a family about something you could “own” (like getting dressed for school) for seven days this month and what new responsibility you could “level up” to (such as a 30-minute-later bedtime).
  • Use your dry erase marker to write your name, your “Own It,” and your “Level Up” (see example on the Level Up Game cling).
  • Pick your suction cup playing piece and stick it to the mirror at the bottom of your game decal.
  • Each day you “Own It,” move your piece up one square of the game until you’ve completed all seven days. Then you can “Level Up!”


Be sure to check out this quick video from the Dad Squad for more on how to “Level Up” in Responsibility and play along this month with the Level Up Game!




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